Goddess Provisions Subscription Box

I am a big fan of subscription boxes.  I am also very into energy yoga and anything to up my vibes.  I love crystals and essential oils.  So, when I heard about the Goddess Provisions subscription box I was all over it.  Here is a quick pic of the first box.  I am happy with it and excited to see what the future boxes hold.

My favorite item is the Balanced Guru intuition spray.  I already own a few bottles and that my favorite of all their sprays. The Pura Botanica candle smells amazing! And of course, you can never have too much amethyst points. The tea is very licorice scented (anise) which is OK for pregnancy (which I am 36 weeks right now), the only herb there I need to look up is eyebright. I am a fan of that for my kids cough syrup 🙂 I know jasmine is safe for delivery (which is coming soon) but I can’t remember if it’s OK before. So, I’m holding out on the tea for now. I already used the Meow Meow Tweet repair balm on my little ones dry skin patches.  It feels very moisturizing.  She liked the name 🙂 And, my little loved the chocolate bar.  We shared it after her ballet class.  Not to sweet, but sweet enough.



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